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Winter Self Heating Knee Sleeve


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  • Number of Pieces: COMBO
  • Application: Leg
  • Effect: Keep your knees warm
  • Material: Self heating fabric
  • Model Number: DDK-06
  • Item Type: Braces & Supports
  • Item Name: Self-heating Knee Pads
  • Temperature: 45°C constant temperature
  • Function 1: keep your knees warm
  • Function 2: far infrared therapy knee brace
  • Function 3: tourmaline knee pads
  • Self-heating knee brace: Knee Sleeve
  • Keep Warm: Knee Brace
  • Season: Winter
  • Self-heating Knee Pads: Knee Warmer

New Winter Self Heating Knee Braces Sleeve Tourmaline Knee Support Far Infrared Keep Warm Self-heating Knee Pads

Product Specification:

Item Name: Wormwood Self Heating Knee Sleeve

Material: Tourmaline, Wormwood, Self-heating coating

Applicable: Cold legs, warm legs, knee arthritis, knee pain


M: Suitable for Leg Circumference: 30-39 cm (Suitable for weight about 40-60kg)

L: Suitable for Leg Circumference: 40-47 cm (Suitable for weight about 60-75kg)

XL: Suitable for Leg Circumference: 48-55 cm (Suitable for weight about 75KG-95kg)


– Keep your knees warm in cold temperatures

– Keep your legs at 45 °c (113 °F) warm

– Improve blood circulation effectively, promote metabolism

– Relieve knee muscle fatigue and pain

– Relieve knee swelling and reduce inflammation

* Self-heating Help to improve the blood circulation, clear the meridians, relieve physical local fatigue and pain, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, swelling, suitable for people who suffer from body chills and arthritis.

* Good choice for pain relief, osteoarthritis in the knee, sports injuries, bruises, edema and rheumatic diseases.

Package Included:

1 Pair of Knee


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