Global Millionaires Inc.

Incrypted Holdingz

Incrypted Holdingz Assets & Securities (IHAS)

Store Credit

Attachment Capabilities

  • What are Incrypted Holdingz Assets & Securities (IHAS)? Incrypted Holdingz are Global Millionaires Inc., Store Credits with attachments.
  • You have options to buy store credits, buy a physical unattached GlobeCoinz, or buy an attached GlobeCoinz.
  • Attached GlobeCoinz are coins with codes that allow you to pair your GlobeCoinz with Incrypted Holdingz. In order to pair-up your GlobeCoinz you must first register it.
  • Unattached GlobeCoinz does not come with any codes, but the face value and precious metal material are very valuable.       
  • Global Millionaires Inc., is a organization that manages and finances Incrypted Holdingz marketing and sales for GlobeCoinz. Global Millionaires Inc., is the only entity that has the license to do so. Therefore, the growth of Incrypted Holdings depends on the success of Global Millionaires Inc.
  • What can I do with Incrypted Holdingz?
  • Incrypted Holdingz can be held as a asset or exchanged on the  exchange market once the market starts to accept them on their listings and the desired value of the Incrypted Holdingz has been achieved.
  • Will my Incrypted Holdingz (IHAS) increase in value? Yes
  • Global Millionaires Inc., believes that Incrypted Holdingz (IHAS) value has great potential to increase, based on the increasing demand for GlobeCoinz and other financial services. However, there is no guarantee that GlobeCoinz will hold its value or increase in value. Global Millionaires Inc., will use all of the available instruments and its passion to increase the value of GlobeCoinz.
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