Why Global Millionaires?

We are working with businesses and individuals to safely and securely transfer currency internationally. Whether you need money exchanged for your tropical vacation, or a large sum sent for a corporate transaction, Global Millionaires can help you get the right currency when you need it.

Global Millionaires

Global Millionaires is the ultimate resource for currency exchange, allowing individuals to monitor their transactions and evaluate current exchange rates as they use our system. Trading and exchanging currencies can be confusing, but with the right tools from Global Millionaires transactions have never been easier.

Exchange rates are constantly shifting and the global currency market is influenced by countless factors. Click below to see what your currency is worth!

Your money should be where you need it. No more high transfer fees or waiting for money orders with Global Millionaires. We are here to make currency work for everyone, get started today!


Stay up to date with the most current conversion rates by clicking over to our Exchange Rates page. You can use our conversion calculator to find out exactly how much your money is worth.

We work with your financial providers to safely and securely get you foreign currency without any delay. Each time you use Global Millionaires you are putting the power back in your pocket!