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  • What is a Certificate of Purchasing Verification?
  • This Certificate verifies your identity and it allows you to team up with other investors to purchase investments globally.
  • Global Millionaires Inc., platform is designed to help both entry-level and experienced professionals expand their knowledge and skills.
  • This purchasing certificate provides an overview of fundamentals, sourcing strategies, investments relationship management, negotiations, evaluation metrics, and more.
  • Develop a strategic investment strategy
    Establish effective policies.
  • Effectively invest in a successful network of other investors globally, scale your net worth to unlimited investments.
  • Team up with unlimited verified investors globally, and grow your business.
  • Engage in more effective contract management negotiations.
  • Trace the purchase investments from verified investors to and from order close-out.
  • Review investors and internal organization performance using data and metrics.
  • Engage in sustainable and ethical investing.
    Global Millionaires Inc,. is an unbiased platform, connecting investors around the world with industry experts, to transform investments.
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