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Universal Heating Fan Portable Electric Heater Multifunctional 12v/24v


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  • Power Mode: 12V DC
  • Volume: <6L
  • Input: 12V/24V
  • Maximum Power: 200W
  • Type: Heater
  • Color: Black
  • Model: 2 in 1 Car Heater Defroster
  • Type A: Car Accessories
  • Type C: Electric Heating Cooling Multifunctional
  • Type D: Portable Electric Heater
  • Type E: Heating Fan 12v/24v
  • Type F: Heating Cooling Fan Defroster Demister

Universal Heating Fan Portable Electric Heater Multifunctional 12v/24v Heating Cooling Fan Defroster Demister For Cars Trucks


This heater fan can either blow rapid heating hot air or cool natural air, push the button to “FAN” when you feel hot in summer or hot days, push to “HEAT” when you feel cold in winter or the car windshield/window get blurred by frost or fog




* Instant heating, automatic overheat protect


* Ideal for demisting, deicing and defrosting on windshield


* Warming up in winter or cold weather


* Cooling fan in summer or hot weather


* Heat dissipation holes scientifically designed


* 180° rotatry base for users’ pointed direction


* High quality wire material, not burn hot and pose danger to car


* Easy to install, Just plug it into your cigarettelighter socket


* Currently online and many this product looks thesame, but the quality and efficacy, not our outlet warm wind up to 70 to 80degrees, their up to 45 degrees


Input: 12V/24V

Maximum Power: 200W

Type: Heater

Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Model: 2 in 1 Car Heater Defroster

Size: 13 * 11 * 7.5cm

Weight: 330g

Fixing method: put on the anti-skid pad or fixed on the double-sided adhesive tape.

Product features: automatic heating, overheating protection, with thermal switch; humanized design. Handle, environmental protection and practical, energy saving, low noise, no open fire, no battery damage, safe and reliable.

Package Included:

1*Fan heater


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