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IP65 Waterproof Double Head Solar Pendant Light Outdoor Indoor Solar Lamp With Cable


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  • Material: Plastic
  • Color1: Watertight
  • Color2: Intelligent
  • Color3: Solar energy
  • Color4: Easy to install

At present, there is a product on the market that is highly similar to ours. The price is much lower, but we have to remind you that “you get what you pay for”, our products, in all aspects, the quality is better than Please trust our quality for their lamp. Look carefully at the following data comparison

Solar panels
Our product: 3.5W/5V laminated solar panel, 10 years life.
Other highly similar products: 1.9W/5V Surface silica gel solar panel, 6-month life, the surface glue is white and Easy to damage when charging.

Shell material
Our products: PC+ABS+UV anti-ultraviolet material,Use fireproof and waterproof materials, keeps it from aging, does not turn yellow or white.
Other highly similar products: ABS secondary material, the material is very fragile, easy to aging and deformation.

Our product: Use 32650 lithium iron phosphate battery, capacity 5500MAH, charge and discharge more than 2000 times.
Other highly similar products: Use 18650 lithium battery, capacity 3000MAH,
charge and discharge about 300 times.

Extension cord
Our product: PVC all-copper 11-core wire, the socket is made of copper, no oxidation and no embroidering.
Similar to other products: PVC aluminum covered wire, easy to break, the plug is nickel-plated iron, easy to oxidize, easy to embroider.

Lighting time
Our product: Continuous lighting time up to 8-10 hours.
Similar to other products: Continuous lighting time 4-6 hours.


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