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Pet Grooming Glove


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  • Material: Rubber
  • Product: Pet hair removal gloves
  • Size: 17.2*23.2cm
  • Material: Rubber
  • Suitable for pets: Universal
  • Purpose 1: Hair Remover Glove Hair Remover Glove
  • Purpose 2: Dog Glove Brush
  • Purpose 3: Dog Combing Glove
  • Purpose 4: Cat Grooming Glove
  • Purpose 5: Pet Grooming Glove
  • Purpose 6: Dog Brush Glove
  • Purpose 7: Cat Brush Glove
  • Purpose 8: Best Selling Products Dogs
  • Purpose 9: Supplies For Cats

Dropshipping 2022 Best Selling Products Dog Combing Glove Pet Grooming Glove Pet Hair Clean Tool Dog Glove Brush Cat Supplies

Product: Pet hair removal gloves
Material: Rubber
Suitable for pets: Universal
Features: Convenience
Use: Deshedding pet gloves/Pet brush glove/Silicone pet grooming glove/Cat brush glove/Dog brush

This pet hair removal glove is made of soft silica gel, which won’t hurt your skin and your pet. You can use it to clean your pet’s extra hair, reduce the damage caused by the pet’s hair, and ensure the cleanness of the home.


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