Global Millionaires Rewards Program

An exclusive program for those who love investments, Global Millionaires Rewards gets you closer to the good stuff you seek. Whether you're fascinated by the latest coins, comic books or stamps, our mission is simple: To elevate your experiences like no other.


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As a Global Millionaires Rewards member, you'll gain access to exciting rewards and experiences you can't find anywhere else.


Activate Your Card


To activate your card please, click on the link below. After clicking on the link, enter your 16 digit # and CNV#.

Gift Cards are valid in the US only. Prepaid Cards can be used anywhere MasterCard and Visa debit cards are accepted.



              Check your Gift Card Balance 

To view your balance and transactions, please click on the link below.




                     Set or Change your PIN

To set or change your PIN, please click on the link below.








Can I withdraw money at an ATM or deposit a gift card into my bank account? (No)

These Reward Gift Cards can only be used to make purchases. There is no cash access to the funds on the cards via an ATM or bank transaction.


Do gift card funds expire? Are there usage or monthly fees?

No, funds do not expire. If funds remain on your card after the valid through date on the front of the card, call Customer Service to obtain a no fee replacement card. All gift cards (except our discount gift cards) have a seven-year expiration date from the time of purchase. The expiration date is printed on the front of the card. There are no fees associated with using our gift cards to make a purchase; however, cards that are inactive for more than 12 consecutive months will be charged a $4.95 per month Service Fee.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions listed on the back of your card.


Why is the merchant asking me for a PIN?

Although the front of the gift card says “Debit,” our cards can be processed either as debit or credit transactions. Credit transactions do not require a Personal Identification Number (PIN). If you would like to use one of our cards as a debit transaction, visit the Change/Set PIN page.

Please note: our cards cannot be used to receive cash from an ATM or from a cashier.


Why was my Gift Card purchase declined?

For CREDIT Transactions: If the purchase is greater than the funds available on the gift card, the card may be declined. To make a purchase greater than the balance of the gift card, split the purchase into two transactions. Tell the cashier in advance the exact amount to deduct from the gift card. Then pay the balance of the purchase with a second form of payment such as cash, check, or a credit card. Please note, not all merchants are equipped to handle “split tender” transactions.

For DEBIT Transactions: In order to use your gift card as a debit transaction, you will need to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the point of sale. To set a PIN, visit the Change/Set PIN page.

Payment processing terminals at restaurants, gas stations, and other service merchants vary. Additionally online shopping carts may have certain requirements as well. Review the following suggestions to ensure your gift card is accepted: