Pricing for GlobeCoinz typically depends on the face value holdings, and the precious metal. GlobeCoinz are precious metal collectible coins that provide investors with a convenient and cost-effective way to add gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper, brass and bronze to their investment portfolio.

Pricing for precious metal numismatic products varies by the average cost of the underlying metal. We use the latest pricing trends from the Precious and Industrial Metals Market, to determine the product's price range; we price our coins the week prior to sale. If the average weekly price of the precious metal moves up or down into another cost range, the price of the product will also go up or down, respectively, by a fixed amount.

The biggest selling point why people purchase collectible coins is that they are an investment. Most people cannot afford to buy a full brick, or any other expensive type of precious metal. GlobeCoinz, however, are much more affordable and recognized monetary asset for investors.

Holding Value

The holding value is the amount of anticipated returns or dividends that are earned by purchasing and choosing to hold an investment for a specified period of time. The face value is considered to be a projection of future returns it is only an estimate based on the available information and forecasts of the future movement of the company assets actual price. Determining the holding value can help investors decide if making the purchase is likely to yield reasonable returns within the time frame under consideration. If the investors believe the holding value is worth the risk and the dedication of the holding assets for at least that amount of time, then they will likely make the purchase and add the security to their investment portfolio.

GlobeCoinz Credentials

GlobeCoinz credentials consist of two documents the Certificate of Authenticity and the Certificate of Description. These coin credentials should be kept as long as you keep your coin. When selling your coin you must present your coin credentials to the buyer. So he or she can authenticate the coin, if your credentials are damaged in any way, you must mail back all of your credentials, and we will reissue you new coin credentials.

Security Features

Global Millionaires Inc. went through great lengths to ensure the security of GlobeCoinz, so that our customers can be sure that their products are safe and secure. Global Millionaires Inc. has high security GlobeCoinz credentials that protect against counterfeiting, forgery and fraud. Global Millionaires Inc. uses a unique visual appearance along with a coarse texture you can feel. Micro images and text are easily incorporated into the design and can only be decoded using high magnification.

Global Millionaires Inc. adopts a multi-layered characteristics towards the protection of our GlobeCoinz, to deter counterfeiting. Our coins have various advanced security features, including visually recognizable security features, machine-readable features and covert features. It is very important for you to upload pictures of your coins, so we can distinguish between genuine and counterfeit coins. Global Millionaires Inc. does not make our security features public; we have numismatist’s standing by to authenticate your investments. Both robust and secure, its issuance protects the reputation of the company, projecting a positive image of our brand.

Protecting Your GlobeCoinz

Our slab holders are specially constructed to store rare and expensive coins for extended periods of time. The rubber insert that comes in contact with the coin's edge is specially engineered so it will not react with the coin's metal. This includes preventing damage from physical contact with the coin and making sure that the rubber insert does not emit any gases that would cause discoloration or corrosion on of the coin's surface. The outer housing is made from clear, hard plastic. Although this plastic does not directly come in contact with the coin's surface, it is also made out of high-quality material that will not emit any gases or in any way react with the coin’s metal surface.

Finally, a label indicating the coin's denomination, year of minting, other identifying characteristics and the professional numismatists opinion of the coin's grade is placed inside the coin holder. This is then sealed and stamped with an authentic, 3D- hologram, pressure- sensitive label that provides a unique number. Any effort to touch the coin without gloves and any tampering with the label, is a direct grade violation, and would be evident.