Global Millionaires Inc. is the next big mover in crypto currency, designed with next generation high load blockchain protocols; built for mainstream use by utilizing a hybrid design that improves functionality with each additional user, maximizing scalability and load performance.

Global Millionaires Inc. is a full scale financial tool box with loads of investments like GlobeCoinz, currency exchange, and crypto services platform to manage your entire life, business and assets. Global Millionaires Inc. will be a huge player in the crypto markets.

Shares are an integral part of every corporation. Company stock denotes a share in the ownership of a company. It represents owner’s right enterprise’s assets and net income. Owning shares can get one to shareholders meetings, make someone able to directly or indirectly participate in management decisions of a company or it can even pay dividends. Stocks are a Trillion dollar industry with loads of future potential, let's just say it’s not going anywhere. Blockchain Technologies are taking the era of regular stocks to the next level.

Global Millionaires Inc. will introduce digital coins soon that rely on cryptography for chaining together digital signatures of coins transfers, peer-to-peer networking and decentralization. We have a blueprint for networking effects of many applications beyond simple telecommunications networks. 

Crypto Currencies are not regulated by the government; Global Millionaires Inc. on the other hand are working with government agencies to regulate the process of our crypto investments. Structure means trillions; and an industry of hungry investors. Investors will be excited to hear that we will soon offer Incrypted Holdingz Assets & Securities and loads of other investment products and services.