Coin Grading

Exquisite Grading ServicesTM is the official grading service of Global Millionaires Inc.; EGS offer grading services for Coins, Banknotes, Precious Metals, Stamps, Comic Books, Sports Memorabilia, and Gemstones. We have top tier graders from around the world to make authentic decisions for your and our products.

Each order is distributed to graders based on their particular skill and expertise. While the graders are generally trained to handle products from virtually all eras, they are assigned coins based on their strengths. The sheer number of graders assigned to each product can also vary depending on the type of products submitted. In all cases, at minimum, 2-6 graders are assigned to every product for grading and verification.

As each grader receives the order, they will enter the order number into the computer. This provides the contents of that order on the EGS grading screen. Grader #1 will then enter his grade for the coin in question (and for each coin within the order until the order is completed) and close the order on his screen. Once Grader #1 has completed grading the order, the order is redistributed for Grader #2 to provide their grade and so forth. Each grader is not privy to the opinion of the other graders on any of the coins within that order.

The actual grading process itself consists of a few steps. The first is determining whether the products are authentic. With the values of some products today, counterfeits are not uncommon.

Once the product has been determined to be authentic, it is then checked for possible alterations.

Once the graders have determined the coin to be authentic and unaltered, the final step in the process is to assign a grade to the coin in question. Graders are now focusing on the characteristics of the coin such as the strength and quality of toning, strike, marks, luster, and overall eye-appeal. All these characteristics are taken into consideration when assigning a grade.

EGS’s 1-70 grading scale, with 70 being the best, is universally accepted throughout the industry.


EGS then sends the product to be graded, the grader will check for accuracy and consistency in relation to EGS standards. If any of the products do not appear to meet the standards, EGS will contact the owner.


Once the grades have been assigned in the database, the EGS labels are now generated and printed. By entering the order number into the system, our team can now print all of the crucial information for the EGS label including the date, denomination, grade, variety if any, product numbers, and the unique certificate of authenticity number.


Now that the EGS labels have been printed, the sealing team is given the task of selecting the appropriate custom holders for each products and then carefully placing the products and EGS label within the holder. Once the contents have been assembled, each product is sealed in our tamper-evident holders, which help to ensure the security feature of the EGS holder.